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Aztec's TASC READING Practice Test

With Aztec's TASC Reading Practice Test, you will have the chance to experience what it is like to take a computer based exam. With questions asked from each of the measured content areas and skill recommendations you will be on your way to passing the TASC test!

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Aztec's TASC Reading Practice Test was created in order to do the following:

  • Familiarize yourself with the technology and subject matter found on the TASC test
  • Determine readiness for the actual TASC test
  • Show where you need to focus your studies and serve as a diagnostic for Aztec’s Test Prep Series


  • See your scores immediately
  • Get study recommendations based on your results
  • Only the essay portion of the Writing Test will not be graded.  Print your essay and share with a mentor and /or use the rubric provided for self-scoring

Rigorous Foundations

All items on the tests have been field tested with teachers and students to assure valid and reliable measurement.  Ongoing studies will assure the tests are reliable predictors of TASC Test readiness.

Special Note:  We currently offer one version of the TASC Practice Test.  If you order two of the same subject, the content will be the same.