Aztec's HiSET® Practice Tests

Cloud-Based Practice Tests

Test takers can experience what it is like to take the HiSET® exam with these free, 30-45-minute practice tests. In an effort to make preparation for the test as mobile as the students that take it, Aztec is offering free cloud-based practice test for each subject area allowing students to test their readiness on a computer, or even on a mobile device.

ALL TESTS and LEARNING MATERIALS are compatible with current, modern browsers and devices... including mobile!

The Aztec Preparation tests mirrors the HiSET® test experience.

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Fully Common Core Aligned and Comprehensive Assessments

Aztec Software offers fully common core aligned skills assessments in its HiSET® Preparation Series, allowing students to really drill down and learn the concepts that they are struggling with.

The result is an Individual Education Plan (IEP) unique to each student with a detailed break down of Common Core Skill deficiencies as they relate to the HiSET® exam.