Aztec's TASC Test Prep Software

Aztec provides learners preparing for the TASC test with individual educational plans that teachers can use to remediate individual challenges. Test-takers will experience answering computer- based test questions and receive a printable IEP (correlated to Common Core Standards and Aztec remediation).

Fully Common Core Aligned and Comprehensive Assessments:

Aztec offers fully common core aligned skills assessments in its TASC Test Preparation Series, allowing students to really drill down and learn the concepts that they are struggling with. The result is an Individual Education Plan (IEP) unique to each student with a detailed break down of Common Core Skill deficiencies as they relate to the TASC test.

Aztec’s TASC Test Preparation Series:

  • Covers 100 percent of published test content  standards
  • 60 NEW curriculum titles that cover test-specific subject areas
  • Question bank with thousands of randomized questions for assessments and practice
  • Diagnostic and prescriptive approach with individual learning plans
  • Specific skills deficiencies identification
  • Targeted, self-paced instruction
  • Computer literacy practice and remediation to ensure readiness and confidence in computer-based testing
  • Practice tests with test-specific item types
  • Essay creation and submission process with grading rubric (constructed responses)
  • Immediate feedback and interaction
  • Unlimited practice and assessments

TASC Test Publishing Partner

Common Core Aligned Recommendations

Computer Literacy Lessons included

Remediation & Practice Tests

Simulated Calculator Included

TASC test assesses five subject areas including Reading, Writing, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies.