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The audience for this booklet is the parent who wants to stop physically or emotionally abusing their child. It helps the parent recognize why he or she went down the path to abuse, what triggers lead to loss of control, and how to use better interventions for raising a happy and healthy child.

For the formerly incarcerated, there’s no more important task than finding a job. It’s crucial to write effective cover letters and resumes and practice for tough questions that will come during interviews. This booklet shows your clients where and how to look for jobs as it talks about the three keys to their job search: attitude, action, and assistance.

The right attitude is essential for workplace success, affecting not only the individual, but everyone else in the workplace. This booklet explores the elements that contribute to a good attitude, and offers practical tips for self-assessment and self-improvement.

One of the biggest challenges for working parents is meeting the competing demands of both the workplace and the home. This booklet offers practical information about how working parents can go about finding this challenging, but necessary, balance.

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